This is a showcase of some of my projects. Click an image to get further details about the project.


The is a hospital management system that caters to a system of specialized medical staff tending to patients under palliative care where the primary nurses can refer their patients to various specialists.

Django, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Redis, Celery
Todo ListsTodo Listsbg

Todo Lists

This is a simple todo lists web app made using Next.js. The backend serves GraphQL via Next.js API routes (serverless functions) using Apollo server. It uses NextAuth for OAuth based passwordless authentication

Next.js, Apollo, Prisma, Postgres, Graphql, NextAuth
Plane RushPlane Rushbg

Plane Rush

This is a NFT(blockchain) based game and marketplace, built initially by me and my team during the Chainlink Fall hackathon.

IPFS, Chainlink, Polygon, Openzepplin, Filecoin, React.js, Phaser3
Collaborative WhiteboardCollaborative Whiteboardbg

Collaborative Whiteboard

This is a personal project in which I made a simple collaborative drawing whiteboard web app using Vue.js and in which users can enter a unique room code and collaborate with each others.

Vue.js, Node.js,


This is a group project in which we have made a blockchain based based skill verification system

React.js, Solidity
Text CompressionText Compressionbg

Text Compression

This is a class project in which I made an interactive CLI utility for lossless text compression using an optimized LZW algorithm in C++.

C++, LZW


This is a full stack project which shows a list of modifiable memes served from a Flask backend. The backend also exposes the API documentation using Swagger-UI.

Flask, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Docker, Swagger-UI
Gesture CalculatorGesture Calculatorbg

Gesture Calculator

This is a personal project in which I built a calculator applicaiton using Flutter which takes in input via touch based gestures which are classified into standard standard numericals and arithmetic symbols using TensorFlow (CNNs)

Flutter, TensorFlow, TFlite


This is a project built during my first hackathon. In this project we built a Flutter app that gives suggestions to improve the mental health based on the user's mood. It uses Firebase for backend storage and for authentication.

Flutter, Firebase
Static Pastebin CloneStatic Pastebin Clonebg

Static Pastebin Clone

This is a personal project in which I have made a static pastebin clone using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It encodes and saves the user provided string in the URL which is then shareable. It also provides some minimal syntax highlighting using Prism.js

HTML, CSS, Prism.js, ULZSS